Out of the chaos of your financial affairs, Celadon Managed Wealth brings order and simplicity to managing your wealth. By streamlining the oversight, administration and investment management of your family assets, we free you to handle other matters or to simply enjoy your success.


How can I preserve the wealth I’ve accumulated? What should I do to minimize taxes? How should I transfer assets to the children?

Your goals are our starting point. Once we understand what you wish to achieve and your tolerance for risk, we take a holistic, integrated approach. We consider taxes, investments, insurance, business ownership and dozens of other factors that can influence wealth protection and growth. And we take into account near-, mid-, and long-term perspectives.

Simple Reports

Our quest to unravel the complex extends to the reports we provide. Experience shows that clients are better served not with the complexity of reports, but rather with the simplicity of them.

Peace of Mind

We want our clients to feel they can relax and not worry about financial matters. No matter the point in their lives, whether they face longevity, illness or death, we want to ensure peace of mind.